Stini Arn is a multimedia artist and has been creating sound installations, performances and compositions for radio, theater, dance and video productions since 1991.

Sound Works


With «Webstall». Stini Arn started a fusion of weaving and sound in 2010. Currently she is building Flying8 looms with her neighbour in Bamako and has created «Bamakoton».

Weaving Projects

Atelier Yiriba

«Atelier Yiriba» was born from the urge of children in Stini Arn's neighbourhood of Daoudabougou in Bamako, Mali to have a place for creative activities.

Atelier Yiriba

Stini Arn's Ears

As a child I refused to wear glasses, which made me develop strong hearing abilities. My ears grew up to the sound of the weaving In my mothers weaving studio. Later when I studied jewellery design at Art school Zürich I started recording and composing metal sounds of our workshop with a tape recorder. 1995 I discovered 16mm-film in New York and got fascinated by editing sound by splicing and taping magnetic tape for our film «chicken».

After 12 years of auto didactic exploring and experimenting with sampling and composing electronic music I achieved da Masta of Sound at Sound Studies UdK in Berlin in 2008.

«Webstall» is my most recent project where weaving and electronic music fuse. It was inspired by the loom I inherited from my mother, my barn in Pignia and the trips to Mali with its rhythmic soundscapes. For «Mille fois», a pièce radiophonique in 2010 I traveled with my sound device to Bamako and Pay Dogon in Mali in search of sounds for a composition produced at the Swiss Radio SRF2.

In my current life I am connecting threads between Pignia, Zürich and Bamako, where I teach art and sound design, I weave and manage Atelier Yiriba and produce looms and fabric at Bamakoton.

Stini Arn

Zürich, Pignia, Bamako

+41 76 401 90 96

+223 77 42 60 14