A prepared loom unites people and threads to the rhythm of weaving

Webstall GIBT STOFF @ message salon downtown Zürich 2010

Weaving Wellness, CD-RElease & Weaving Workshop Concerts

A loom becomes a musical instrument and the loom becomes a sound installation. In message salon downtown Zürich Stini Arn and guests weave and make music, jam and work, improvise and handle cables and threads.

Stini Arn's interweave with

Andrea Reisner (video)

suahelimassiv (rock noise)

Andrea Clavadetscher (elektro)

mrz (electronic) and So:ren Berner (MC)

pei-wen liu (soundscape)

galopp (electro)

Ehfa Hiltbrunner (synthesizer)

Verena Menti (weaver)